Green Roof


Guy Bazzani

Guy Bazzani, CEO, LEED-AP

Guy leads West Michigan with his expertise in sustainable business practices through his firm’s architectural design, construction, and real estate services. With more than 30 years of experience in commercial and residential development, Guy manages a team of experienced professionals committed to innovative solutions in green building technologies, historic preservation and urban revitalization.  

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Peter Skornia

Peter Skornia, President, LEED-AP

Peter has worked in the design and construction industry for owners, designers, contractors and developers on projects in over 25 states. These projects include new construction and renovation in office, residential, educational and medical markets ranging in cost from less than 100 thousand to over 100 million.

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Ellyn Olney

Ellyn Olney, Vice President, Sales Agent

Ellyn brings years of experience to the Bazzani management team, ensuring everything runs smoothly internally. At Bazzani, Ellyn has her hands in finance, operations, marketing, and real estate, as well as working in the community with Well House,  Local First and representing Bazzani in B Corporation-related activities. 

For more than 20 years, Ellyn has worked with small businesses in the Grand Rapids area in the technology, manufacturing and construction industries. An administrator by nature, Ellyn loves to make order out of chaos...

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Mike Olney

Mike Olney, Field Operations

Mike comes to Bazzani with a wealth of construction knowledge and experience. With over 30 years in the industry, and a degree in Alternative Energy and Energy Management, Mike is a unique fit for his role in Field Operations for Bazzani Building Company.

Throughout his career, his construction expertise has encompassed a broad range of projects...

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Baird Hawkins

Baird Hawkins, Investments/Sales

Baird has worked with Bazzani Associates since 2008 and concentrates in commercial real estate funding and development.  

With Bazzani, Baird has focused on neighborhood re-development projects to reposition older commercial buildings with new investment.  This urban revitalization strategy enables investors to improve returns while building neighborhoods.   Re-development of out-of-date buildings acts as a catalyst for new investment and ideas that build sustainable communities.

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