Green Roof


Why Build Green?

High-performance green buildings blend economic, environmental, and occupant-related capabilities.They cost less to operate and maintain, are energy-efficient and they’re health-enhancing for occupants, offering benefits such as:

  • 30-50% savings in energy costs every day, year after year
  • 30-50% less energy use than conventional construction, with the best designed structures saving owners over 50% in utility costs
  • Better interior air quality due to the elimination of materials containing volatile solvents
  • Reduced healthcare costs, absenteeism, and higher productivity of employees due to better air quality and ventilation
  • Maximum use of natural daylight with reduced number and size of lighting fixtures needed
  • Improved occupant/employee morale due to increased natural lighting and improved air quality
  • Lower water usage with low-flow appliances
  • Ease of renting and selling, and when sold, command a premium over conventional construction
  • Encouragement of further sustainable development within the community

Your Return on Investment

Working with Bazzani Associates, your green building costs will only be 2–5% more than conventional construction, which is paid back quickly through energy savings. Plus, your energy savings are locked in for the life of the green building. If the cost of energy increases in the future, you’re guaranteed to save even more.

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