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Building Sustainable Structures and Stronger Communities

Building Sustainable Structures and Stronger Communities

Peter Skornia
Peter Skornia

Through the years, the Bazzani team’s passion for designing and building sustainable structures has expanded far beyond construction. Each project we undertake is about the people, the community, and creating something that will benefit many generations to come. The Lebowsky Theater restoration in Owosso, Michigan is an excellent example.

In 2009, we were given the privilege of overseeing the Lebowsky Theater’s restoration, working closely with the Owosso Citizens Group, Owosso Community Players, financial specialists and bankers, designers, builders, and contractors – coordinating the efforts, talents, and skills needed to make the community’s dream a reality. The key Bazzani team members onsite were Mark Steenbergen, Project Manager, and Joe O’Connor, Field Supervisor. Both gave 100% plus of their time, talent and skills to make this project successful.

The exterior theater renovation came first, followed by a delay of over a year while funding was secured for the interior work. While we worked with financial specialists to secure government funding, the former Executive Director of Owosso Players, Linda Keenan, formed an incredible fundraising group. They raised nearly a third of the money needed to complete the interior work – an overwhelming response from a city of just 15,000 people.


The Lebowsky Center re-opened in May 2014, with a sell-out performance of Shrek the Musical. Since then, the Owosso Community Players have presented many popular musicals, comedies and classics in their new performing arts center. The facility also hosts special concerts, drawing patrons from Owosso, Chesaning, Lansing, Flint and Saginaw.

The Bazzani team is proud of the Lebowsky Center and our hand in making a dream come true for the community.  It took persistence, patience, and hard work on the part of many, many people. From the devastating arson fire to the completion of the new building to the thriving performing arts center that exists today, this is a great story of people coming together to restore a community landmark. The Bazzani team was honored to be a part of it.

In June, Mark Steenbergen and Guy Bazzani visited Linda Keenan at the Lebowsky Center. Our warranty period on the project has ended, but not our interest or concern for former clients and their new buildings. She shared, “The rebuilding of the Lebowsky has brought new life to downtown Owosso. Facades have been updated to reflect their historic look. Buildings which were empty for years are being renovated and re-purposed.”

We enjoy checking in, following up and letting our clients know we’re always here to assist them. Many, like Linda, become friends in the process!

Read more about the Lebowsky project and see before and after photos here.

Learn more about the Lebowsky Center and Owosso Community Players at

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Peter Skornia

Peter Skornia
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Peter has worked in the design and construction industry for owners, designers, contractors and developers on projects in over 25 states. These projects include new construction and renovation in office, residential, educational and medical markets ranging in cost from less than 100 thousand to over 100 million.

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