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Wealthy St. Animal Hospital fills need for vets in Uptown

Wealthy St. Animal Hospital fills need for vets in Uptown

Peter Skornia
Peter Skornia

There aren’t many things that we’re lacking in Uptown, or even on Wealthy St. for that matter, but a convenient place to take your pets was one of them. The land of veterinary offices and animal clinics has long lived in Wyoming, Cascade, and on 28th Street, but all of these options are out of the way for care and treatment for the neighborhood’s furry friends.

Filling the gap with Bazzani’s help

Dr. Linda Coffman, owner of Wyoming Animal Hospital, and her colleague Amanda DeClark, co-owner and Office Manager, noticed this need and took action to fill that gap. The Bazzani team stepped in to help make Wealthy St. Animal Hospital become a reality. Bazzani worked with the doctors to help them find the perfect location, design the building, develop the real estate business plan, and coordinate financing as well as the construction.

“We decided to open up our second location on Wealthy St. in Uptown because this area really needed a convenient veterinarian,” Amanda said. “We also just love the Uptown district and its people!”

WSAH Services

Many of the doctors and staff at Wealthy St. Animal Hospital also serve at the Wyoming Animal Hospital, including Dr. Coffman, Dr. Shingledecker, Dr. Gia and Dr. Jenison. They see all dogs, cats, and small mammals including guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets. WSAH also offers several programs for their patients and caregivers, such as their Vaccinations for Life program for dogs and cats.

A happy end result

We are grateful to have worked with the Wealthy St. Animal Hospital team throughout the entire process, and are very pleased with the end result. And it’s great that the feeling is mutual! Here’s what Amanda DeClark had to say about working with Bazzani:

“Bazzani made the building process go as smoothly as it could. They were always kind and ready to answer any questions or concerns. They have contacted us several times since opening to ensure things are going as expected. We highly recommend!”

Wealthy St. Animal Hospital is located at 1052 Wealthy St. SE. If you are a resident or work near the Wealthy St. Business District, WSAH is your best and most convenient option for veterinary services! We invite you to ‘Like’ their page on Facebook and contact them with any questions at (616) 551-0510.

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Peter Skornia

Peter Skornia
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