Count on us to be attentive to the details that make a difference in the overall quality of your project. Integrated design. Sustainable materials. Re-use of existing elements. Cost to build. Cost to operate. Energy efficiency. Impact on the environment. Maximum use of natural daylight. Comfort level. Contribution to community. Client satisfaction. Bazzani considers it all.

Mike Coyne  Chief Executive Officer

Mike brings an extensive background in project management experience to the Bazzani team. His business involvements have provided him experience with start-up operations as well as established small companies. Mike is a firm believer in the Triple Bottom Line philosophy shared by the team at Bazzani.

Mike is a skilled executive with over 30 years of leadership experience in areas such as transportation, healthcare services, logistics and mergers and acquisitions. Mike spent 15 years in Officer/C- Level roles managing multiple locations through the United States and Canada.

Peter Skornia  President, LEED-AP

Peter has worked in the design and construction industry for owners, designers, contractors and developers on projects in over 25 states. These projects include new construction and renovation in office, residential, educational and medical markets ranging in cost from less than 100 thousand to over 100 million.

Mike Olney  Field Operations

Mike brings to Bazzani a wealth of construction knowledge and experience. With over 30 years in the industry, and a degree in Alternative Energy and Energy Management, Mike is a unique fit for his role in Field Operations for Bazzani Building Company.

Throughout his career, his construction expertise has encompassed a broad range of projects...

Devin Milligan  Project Manager

Devin joined Bazzani with over ten years of diverse experience in the construction industry. A degree in Construction Management and several certifications make Devin a vital component of the Bazzani team. Throughout his career, Devin has been planning and executing projects through a step-by-step process from concept to completion. Sustainable construction is of special interest to Devin, and he is proud to be working with the company leading the way in Grand Rapids.

Heather Coyne  Director of Marketing

Heather brings years of marketing experience consulting for both small businesses and non-profits. The message Bazzani has to share about their sustainable projects, both new construction and rehabilitation of obsolete buildings, is of great interest to Heather. She is also a strong supporter of the Triple Bottom Line philosophy endorsed by the Bazzani team.

Guy Bazzani  Founder

Guy led West Michigan with his expertise in sustainable business practices through this firm’s architectural design and construction services. With more than 30 years of experience in commercial and residential development, Guy cultivated a team of experienced professionals committed to innovative solutions in green building technologies, historic preservation and urban revitalization. 

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