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Bazzani firm rates Best for the World

A West Michigan company is being honored as a Best for the World organization, thanks to its triple-bottom-line commitment.

B Lab has recognized Bazzani Building Co., a designer and builder of high-performance buildings within diverse, urban neighborhoods and a Certified B Corporation, for its commitment to the environment, community and workers.

To make the Best for the World list, Certified B Corporations had to score within the top 10 percent on the B Impact Assessment, which is used to determine B Certification eligibility.

The B Impact Assessment is a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community and the environment.

“The Best for the World honorees are recognized for creating the most positive social and environmental impact,” B Lab said.

Based on the B Impact Assessment, Bazzani, which falls in the micro-enterprise category, earned a score of 147.

Companies have to earn a score of between 80 and 200 to be eligible for B certification.

Other Michigan companies that have earned B Corp Certification are Better Way Imports, Buy The Change, Cascade Engineering, Gazelle Sports and Brewery Vivant.

By Charlsie Dewey, Grand Rapids Business Journal

Bazzani firm rates Best for the World

Developer rates among ‘Best for the World’

A developer has joined a select group of international organizations that are considered the “Best for the World.”

Bazzani in Grand Rapids, a green design and build firm, was honored this month with the designation by B Lab, a nonprofit that rates companies for their impacts on balancing profits, people and the planet’s needs with excellence.

Top 10 percent

The 2015 "Best for the World" honorees are recognized for "creating the most positive social and environmental impact," the ranking's web page says.

The 120 honorees have earned an overall score in the top 10 percent of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment, "a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community and the environment,” the web page says.

Bazzani, which submitted its application to become a B Corp last year, appears in the construction industry category as a micro-enterprise, which has about one to nine employees.

Top scorer

An orgnization must score more than 80 on the assessment to become a Certified B Corporation, said Brian Wolters, business development at Bazzani.

Bazzani received a score of 147, which is a “pretty big deal and a huge honor,” Wolters said.

“It has a lot to do with just the good work that we’ve been doing over the years,” Wolters said. “It’s just a huge honor to be nominated for the world, not just by the world. The key word is ‘for.’ We really appreciate that. That’s been part of our philosophy as we look at the triple bottom.”

The other Michigan organization to make the ranking is the Ypsilanti-based nonprofit Buy The Change, which has a score of 133.

By: Mike Nichols, Grand Rapids Business Journal

Developer rates among ‘Best for the World’

Grand Rapids building firm ranked among ‘Best for the World’

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - As a certified "B Corporation" ranked among the "Best for the World," the Bazzani Building Co. doesn't always get the job, especially in a situation where the low bid wins.

Company founder and President Guy Bazzani said the designation should tell customers they will get lasting value that will pay for itself over the long run.

"Our perspective is to look at the value of what our construction management delivers to your company over the long term," said Bazzani, whose company is headquartered at 959 Wealthy St. SE. "If you can't see past five years, you probably shouldn't be building."

Bazzani's company was ranked 25th in a recent "Best for the World" designation by B Lab, a nonprofit group dedicated to solving social and environmental problems.

Ranked as a "micro-enterprise," Bazzani ranked high in the environmental, workers and community ratings.

"We have never practiced in a low bid environment," Bazzani said. "Our typically clean building will cost 2 percent more traditional construction. However, the payback comes back in savings in two or three years."

The B Corporation designation brings business to his door "for those that are looking for company with good business practices," Bazzani said.

Bazzani, who also owns Bazzani Associates, a real estate and property management company, moved to West Michigan in 1995 from California, where he operated a building company since 1983.

The company has been active in rebuilding several buildings in the Eastown and Wealthy Street neighborhoods, including the Kingsley Building, the Phoenix Building and the East Hills "Center of the Universe" building, home to Marie Catrib's restaurant the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

Bazzani's company earned its "B Corp." designation last year. West Michigan companies to earn the designation include Better Way Imports LLC; Cascade Engineering, Gazelle Sports and Brewery Vivant.

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By Jim Harger, MLive/Grand Rapids Press

Grand Rapids building firm ranked among ‘Best for the World’

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